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Potions - Year 1


These are the same Potions classes taken by Hogwarts students, adapted so that no teacher is needed. Please make sure you have the following:
Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set of glass or crystal phials
1 set of brass scales
Please assure you have copy of Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger with you before you attempt any first-year potions.

Bruise Healing Paste

More of a solid than a liquid, the Bruise Healing Paste is a must for all wizarding first-aid kits. A dull yellow, this paste will heal minor bruises.


1. Light a fire under cauldron at low heat
2. In large vial, mix a half-measure of wartcap powder with a five-eighths goblet of juice from nine squill bulbs
3. Pour a full goblet of cowbane essence into the cauldron and let simmer for 4 minutes
4. Add the wartcap-squill mixture to the cauldron. Potion should turn a bright orange
5. Add fourteen mistletoe berries and stir mixture continuesly for just under seven minutes
6. Drop fifty-six chopped daisy petals into the cauldron and mix every nine minutes for four minutes each time until potion is dull yellow

Boils Cure

This potion is a simple cure for boils on any part of the body.


1. Place cauldron over fire
2. Put six pickled snake fangs (with juice) inside the cauldron
3. Chop one Pungeous Onion and put it in the cauldron
4. Add one measure dried nettles
5. Add a dash of Horklump juice and stir counterclockwise until steam rises
6. Sprinkle with ginger root and let sit for 17 minutes
7. Add fourteen pickled Shrake spines, and stir gently
8. Pour pomegratate juice at intervals into the cauldron until the potion is bloodred
9. Take cauldron off fire and add twelve porcupine quills sliced in half along the spine.
10. Wave wand to finish

Coughing Solution

This simple potion is used to treat coughing.


1. Place cauldron over fire
2. Place three parts ground Wiggentree bark inside cauldron
3. Raise heat until bark becomes gloopy liquid
4. Add nine dried snake scales and one daisy stem
5. Bring down temperature and mix until potion becomes black in color
6. Add a dash of leech juice mixed with the juice of a handful of blades of scurvy-grass
7. Stir clockwise until amount of potion in cauldron doubles

Easy Pimple Vanisher

This simplified version of the Acne Removal Potion will remove minor pimples when injusted. Note: Must be injusted directly after brewing, lest the potion chrystalize.


1. Place eleven units of beetle eyes inside cauldron while cauldron warms over fire
2. Wait until beetle eyes begin to melt and become a paste
3. Pour three eighths of a gobletful of vinegar inside cauldron
4. Stir until beetle eyes and vinegar combine
5. Add two measures of salt and stir clockwise until salt dissolves
6. Grate one cinnamon stick lengthwise over potion, allow grinds to fall into cauldron
7. Let sit until large, dark brown chrystals form on sides of cauldron
8. Add six measures melted butterscotch, mix until chrystals break up and potion separates
9. Drop nine and one half stripped Flitterbloom leaves into the cauldron. Potion should turn baby blue immediately, and take on a smooth, liquid consistancy.

Vitamix Potion

This easy potion is a supplement for all major vitamins and is a must for rationing.


1. In small vial, mix two measures of horseradish powder with three parts bulbadox juice.
2. In cauldron, mix horseradish solution with sixteen crushed baneberries.