Online Magic



Online Magic was founded in 1997 by Skye Gailmann Bederson, a woman born in Cairo, Egypt in 1974. Her family moved to London when she was four years old, and attended Hogwarts. When she left, she began her career in the Ministry of Magic. Within a year Ms. Gailmann Bederson found herself Head of the newly-created Department of Online and Magical Connections. She voiced that magic students who do not attend Hogwarts or a different wizarding school, unless their parents or teachers were not proficient in all areas of magic, would get a good education in one subject but not another. She founded the Online Magic program and online response system as part of the Hieroglyph Project to give the same education to all magic students.


Our goal is to give school-age witches and wizards a curriculum to follow, and to give them practice material. We hope to introduce homeschooling wizards and witches to proffesional teachers who we have enlisted to recreate their classes online.

More on the Hieroglyph Project

The Hieroglyph Project was created by Skye Gailmann Bederson on the 19th of Febuary in 1995.